Yep, another one of those home-made sites with lots of pictures of people you probably don't know! But hey... if you came here you probably are interested in us a bit (or maybe you really *did* reach the end of the net and have nothing else to do...). Whichever the case may be, you're here now and welcome and feel free to wander as much as you want.

We live in a far northwest suburb of Chicago and have lived here since the late 1970's. Before that, we lived in the Hyde Park area of Chicago. Glenn grew up in Chicago, I was raised in southern Illinois. We both love computers and have worked in computer related jobs for years. We have three kids (all grown up now), and 4 grandkids.

I am working on tracing my family history. In the next few months I hope to have a fairly comprehensive genealogy section, including links to help you find your own family roots. I am currently searching for information on the Herring, Carter, Simco, Carrington, Wilks, and Day families of Callaway County Missouri.

This site is always a work in progress. You have a couple of options for where to go next:

Family Album - an archive of our family history in pictures
Herring Family - family tree from 1700's to present of Herring Family
Jo's Pages
My homepage
Jo Travels - My travel commentary, information and pictures

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Glenn J. Hubbard